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What the Early Adopters are Saying About Downtobid

We have used Downtobid for our ITBs and so far our experience has been very positive. It has saved me time on the initial page turn and I really like the number of responses we're starting to see from our subcontractors!

Robyn Lynn, MRI Builders

The first time our company was able to travel outside Atlanta! Bidding in a new market and wasn't getting any hits on Drywall. Requested a boost and with 5 days I had 2 committed bidders and 1 submission. Using them on my next project.

Zalmy Kavka, Founder, ZK Builders

"I love, the personalization of it. You get it more directed towards the contractors that we need. You, make it a little more personal than putting it on Blue Book or Planhub or anything like that. You let us communicate with the subcontractors, so we can narrow it down from what you've already narrowed it down from. We get more, more specific, more detailed quotes, more the correct quotes that we're looking for from you guys as opposed to maybe other places."

Ryan Pastor, Estimator at George H. Pastor and Sons General Contracting

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Break free from outdated contractor databases

Antiquated contractor databases waste your team's time and impact your project success and fail to deliver up-to-date contacts. We provide comprehensive real-time contractor data so you can instantly connect with a verified trade partners.

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