Letter From the Founders

We started BasisBoard in 2020 to help subs combat this problem of spam bid invites. We built software and AI to help subs scrape bid invites and auto-download plans. In the process, we realized AI had a larger role in preconstruction.

Restoring the Human Connection in Bidding

At the heart of our venture is about bringing the relationships back to the forefront of the bidding process. We believe in the power of human connection and community in construction. Bidding isn't just about cold numbers and sterile data; it's about fostering relationships and collaborations between general contractors and subcontractors. Our goal is to make the bidding process more personable, more human. With this vision guiding us, we've carefully analyzed various facets of the bidding process, identified areas where we could make significant improvements, and crafted solutions that aim to address these issues head-on.

Revolutionizing Subcontractor Database

One major pain point we identified was the outdated subcontractor database from buildingconnected, thebluebook, and others. Trades weren't mapped correctly to CSI Codes, there was missing or inaccurate contact data, and important details like union status, MBWE certification, or types of projects performed were absent. So, we decided to start here.

Rethinking the ITB

We believe that irrelevant invites can be significantly reduced by redesigning ITBs to auto-highlight project scopes using AI. For example, specific scopes like earthworks, concrete, or masonry could be automatically flagged for relevance, enabling subcontractors to make quick, informed decisions.

Redefining Addenda Management

The current addenda approach in the industry can feel like navigating through a maze. We're introducing a transformative method of managing addenda. By detecting changes and summarizing them into an easy-to-digest narrative, we ensure all parties stay informed of the latest project modifications efficiently and effectively.

Enhancing Bid Response Gathering

Currently, GCs struggle to gather responses since subcontractors often ignore or overlook the 'yes/no/maybe' clicks. By employing behavioral tracking within the plan room, coupled with interactive features like calendar syncing and real-time chat, we aim to gauge the subcontractor's genuine interest in the project.

Automating Bid Leveling

Bid leveling can be a complex task, often requiring manual extraction of data from PDFs to excel sheets, along with the need to accurately interpret inclusions and exclusions. Our solution? A smart, AI-driven tool that can automate the process of translating line items and summarizing critical bid details directly into your leveling sheet. We're turning a previously time-consuming and error-prone task into a quick, precise, and stress-free experience.

Reimagining Feedback Mechanisms

Feedback in the bidding process is often reactive, leaving subcontractors in the dark about how they can improve. With our proactive feedback module, we're ensuring that subcontractors receive valuable feedback on their bids, making the whole process more transparent and informative.

Creating an Accurate Cost Database

We're tackling the common issue of relying on plug numbers due to missing coverage for key trades. By making your historical bidding data and details from excel sheets easily accessible, we're ensuring that your plug numbers become increasingly accurate, and your bids become more competitive.

From BasisBoard to the Future

We believe that the construction bidding process can be more efficient, more transparent, and most importantly, more human. We're building the tools to make this vision a reality, drawing on our unique strengths in mobile enterprise software and machine learning. We're incredibly excited to share this journey with you. After all, we're not just building software, we're building a community.

Kevin Wu & Andy Lee, Founders