From small mom & pops, to billion dollar businesses, the estimating teams of all sizes use BasisBoard to power their bidding process .

Still tracking bid invites with a spreadsheet?

GCs bombarding you with bid invites from iSQFT, BuildingConnected, Procore, and more? Our bid board connects to your inbox, recognizes bid invite emails, and pulls the data into a dashboard instantly (deadlines, bidders, addendas) with zero data entry.

Watch unscripted, authentic footage of what our customers say about us

Eliminate manual tasks from your

Spending hours each day declining irrelevant jobs? Answering phone calls that just ask if you're bidding?

With BasisBoard, automatically decline, accept, or assign jobs based on rules you create. Make your bid board public with GCs so they can stay up to date without having to bother you.

Qualified, organized

See only jobs that actually matter, instead of declining 90% of the work.

All your data in one place

Prevent multiple estimators working on the same job by putting  all of your bid invites in one centralized system.

Stay up to date

Never miss a bid with a board that updates every deadline automatically.
"Since implementing Basis to track our bids, the estimating group saves 3 hours a day from sorting emails. That time is now used to service customers. The Basis Team has created a wonderful tool that takes emails and transforms them in to opportunities."
Ian J. Cable, A & A Window Products, Inc.
VP Sales

Send and track emails for each job

Digging up 3 month old RFIs? Can't remember the pricing you received last year? Forgetting to follow up?

With BasisBoard, you can send proposals, respond to RFIs, ask clarifications, even invite your vendors to bid all from within your bid board. Every email is linked to each job, so you'll never lose track of communication ever again.

Analyze your estimating trends

BasisBoard generates out-of-the-box graphs and reports so you can see exactly who your best customers are instantly. No complex excel formulas, No broken calculations. No hours preparing data in a spreadsheet.
"Before your service, I had to read every email. Now when I go through my inbox, I don't read them. I really don't. I just forward them to BasisBoard. In just 1 week, I'm very very very pleased at the number of emails I don't have to read."
Bill Beaman, American Demolition
Chief Estimator

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