Introducing BasisBoard: the new bid board that saves you hours each day

Written by Andy Lee

DateJan 29, 2024
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We've spoken to hundreds of companies and we commonly hear teams being "just fine" with a manual process of tracking bids. But this process leads to missed updates and lost bids. Subcontractors and material vendors who have switched to BasisBoard save 3 hours per week per team member.

We're excited to announce the launch of the next version of BasisBoard that will unlock new ways for construction contractors to collaborate and win more bids.

Redesigned To 10x Your Bid Coordinators

BasisBoard is built to empower your bid coordinators, or any team member who manages the incoming bid invites.

We streamline the administrative busy-work that estimators face each day, which means:

  • No more dealing with 100s of bid emails (invites, addendas, updates)
  • No more reading the same bid invite 5-6 times
  • No more adding calendar invites for bid deadlines, job walks, RFI deadlines
  • No more adding bids to clunky spreadsheets, calendars and bid boards

All Your Bids In One Place

BasisBoard turns your estimating or bids shared inbox, into a simple-to-use dashboard. Simply connect your inbox from your current email provider, and bid related information automatically populates into your BasisBoard within minutes, including:

  • Which GCs are bidding
  • Bid deadlines, Job walks, RFI deadlines
  • High priority customers, or bad customers
  • Location
  • Contact information of your customers

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Access all emails from a project by clicking the "emails" tab. This shows every email related to the bid, grouped by GC.


3 Tools — One System

In BasisBoard, we combine a spreadsheet, calendar, and board into one tool.

List View

Using a modern spreadsheet built for estimating, team leads can quickly identify bids worth pursuing.

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Calendar View

Entries in the spreadsheet are automatically synced to a calendar so no more entering a bid into a spreadsheet and having to create a separate calendar entry. Each calendar entry shows information related to estimating (project name, bid deadline, GCs bidding, project priority).

5f46db7bc98191fc0360b66b_06-1-6-Calendar-View (2).png

Board View

The board view allows team leads to quickly see which projects are in which stages (undecided, declined, accepted, estimating). This way no bids slip through the cracks and teams know exactly what the next step is for each bid.


What’s Next In BasisBoard

After a few months of close collaboration with our customers, we’re excited to release this new version of BasisBoard this month. Be sure to check out our website to keep up-to-date on the latest changes.

Written by Andy LeeUpdated on Jan 29, 2024

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