Top 3 iSqFt Alternatives: Updated 2024

Written by Bridget Cooper

DateMar 20, 2024
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iSqFt is a popular construction management software that has been around for decades. It has been used by many general contractors and subs over this period, but unfortunately, the company hasn’t managed to keep up with market demands. With cutting-edge technology like automation and AI sweeping through the construction industry, many users are beginning to look for iSqFt alternatives. The introduction of new and improved bid management software hasn’t helped iSqFt at all. 

We did a little digging and found the top 3 iSqFt alternatives we believe offer more value for money. Let’s explore them.

Downtobid homepage

Downtobid - Best for Preconstruction 

Downtobid is a construction bid management software that is revolutionizing the preconstruction phase. Our tool is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind to make it easy for anyone using it, even for the first time. 

Our user-friendly design, coupled with AI technology, helps you speed up preconstruction tasks, like generating scopes from construction plans almost instantly. Let’s see why we deserve the top spot. 

First, our software provides comprehensive coverage to general contractors by auto-detecting and matching all scopes with relevant subs. The approach reduces scope gaps, ensuring no errors or miscommunication during construction. 

We also have a multi-verification subcontractor database that filters for inactive or outdated subs. We leverage a combination of Google Maps and local groups, to make sure our contacts are as fresh as possible. Doing so ensures our general contractors only work with available and updated subs. 

We offer our subs Planroom access without signing up. They can review available plan sets, use the AI to detect scopes relevant to their trades, and add them to their bid board whenever there is a match, including crucial project details like deadlines and the general contractors. 

Our AI is very accurate in ensuring bid document completeness, which improves the bidding experience. Going through bid documents manually looking for projects that fit your skill set is overwhelming, and that’s why we created an AI that can detect hundreds of opportunities at once to make it easier.

Impressive, right? That’s just a scratch on the surface. Let’s dig deeper to see why you should try out our software.

Key Features

We have invested heavily to make our tool stand out in the market by offering the following features:

Create Bid Invites in Minutes

The preconstruction phase is time-consuming and creating proposal invites doesn’t have to. Our preconstruction software takes this load from you by creating bid packages in minutes. The process is also straightforward. All you need to do is upload the plans, and the platform scans them to detect scopes and create detailed bid documents and an invite list to relevant subs. You’ll get accurate bid packages that receive positive responses and attract the right subs. 

We are huge believers in collaboration and building relationships earlier on, and that’s why our platform creates personalized bid invitations. While our competitors send out generalized bid invitations that sound like boring job interviews, we include the sub’s names and addresses to get more replies. Doing so makes our bid packages stand out since subs receive hundreds of invites that they don’t open. It also increases the chances of receiving quotations from relevant subs by 30%

Centralized Platform

Every construction project, whether large or small, has several stakeholders working together. They share information, documents, and feedback throughout the project’s lifecycle. We understand how messy this can get. We also understand that information is more crucial during the preconstruction phase, and that’s why we centralized everything. 

You can access every crucial detail in the preconstruction phase, from plans, scopes, emails, reporting, tracking, bidding, feedback, and addenda. 

Downtobid makes preconstruction communication simple. First, email thread visualization helps to organize and track messages, helping subs search and locate any information. Secondly, you can respond to email messages from general contractors through the platform without opening your email app.

The system sends an automated ‘Thank You’ email to confirm the general contractor has received your bid package. We also offer follow-up emails to update on the progress or request any information. 

The AI Copilot

The AI Copilot simplifies the bid management process. We created this tool to automate page turns, which has several benefits. 

First, it’s fast, taking only a few minutes to go through bid documents. Doing so saves you the time of going through the documents manually and the cost of hiring extra help to help with manual page turns.

It’s also efficient in detecting scopes and writing summaries that provide more details about the project. What’s even more impressive is that you only need to upload the plans, and the AI will do the rest. 

Our AI checks all the bid packages for accuracy and completeness within a few minutes. We found out that detailed bid packages trigger more engagement and motivate qualified subs to participate in the bidding process. 

Pricing Plans

Our tool is the true definition of value for money. We have a free plan for small construction projects. However, you can unlock all our premium services suited for large-scale construction projects by choosing one of our two premium plans. 

The first premium plan is priced at $50 per user and includes a bid coordinator on each project. Our send plan is priced at $499 annually for unlimited users, and you also get a 50% discount for the first year. 

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How Downtobid Works

Start by clicking here to get started.

You will end up on a project creation page to upload your project plans. You can name the project and attach only PDF files that don’t exceed 1GB. 

*Create Project.png

Our AI starts to scan the plans to detect scopes and write summaries. You should expect the process to take roughly 30 minutes for complex plans and shorter for simpler ones. You’ll get an email once the process is completed. 

*Project Information.png

Once you receive an alert, you must log in to review the bid packages. Each bid package contains a summary, detailed scopes, and a list of recommended local subs. 

*Scan For Scope.png

The AI creates personalized bid documents targeting your preferred subs. Every ITB contains a scope rundown that subs can review to decide if they’re a right fit. Doing so helps target qualified and experienced subs. 

*Email Template.png

Subs can access our plan room without signing up.


Here, thanks to the automated sheet organization, you can access the specific drawings you need quickly to identify opportunities.

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ProCore - Large-Scale Construction Solution

If you’re looking for construction management software offering a complete solution for large-scale construction, then ProCore is a solid choice. The construction management system is super easy to use and can accommodate construction projects of all sizes. 

It offers amazing functionalities, like scheduling, progress tracking, document management, and real-time data updates. 

Key Features

We'll review some of the key features of Procore.

Document Storage and Sharing

ProCore provides centralized construction document storage and sharing, allowing construction teams to access the information on the go. The centralized platform promotes collaboration and timely project completion. 

Mobile App for Field Use

Forget carrying your computer on the construction site when using ProCore. Their mobile app offers similar functionalities as the desktop platform, ensuring contractors track progress through their devices. 

Construction Reporting and Analytics

ProCore collects data from different aspects of the construction project and turns them into insightful reports. You can review this information on the dashboard to make decisions. 

Pricing Plan

ProCore doesn’t have standard pricing but charges based on the tools and add-ons you require. They also don’t charge per user, meaning you can onboard as many project stakeholders as possible. ProCore gives you the ability to customize your plans, and the price varies based on the tools you need for the project. 

You start by contacting them and sharing your construction objectives. They then recommend some services that will help your team achieve these objectives. Each tool is priced differently, giving you control over your preconstruction costs. 


  • Unlimited Users: With ProCore, you can recruit an unlimited number of your construction team. Doing so improves collaboration and efficient communication. 
  • Outstanding Support: ProCore offers 24/7 technical support services to all members, ensuring continuous assistance. 
  • All-in-one Solution: ProCore provides a comprehensive suite of construction project management tools, from bidding, estimation, and field management. 


  • Learning Curve: ProCore has many features that require time and practice to understand, which could be problematic to new users. 
  • Integration Challenges: ProCore users often experience integration problems with other tools, especially accounting. The challenge leads to dual entry. 
  • Customization Limitations: Users have often had problems customizing ProCore features to suit their needs. 


PlanHub - Perfect for Networking

PlanHub is an excellent construction management software for networking and finding qualified subs. It’s mainly used by general contractors, subcontractors, estimators, and suppliers to handle the preconstruction phase.

With a host of cloud-based tools, construction stakeholders can use them for job discovery and improve collaboration within a large networking community of professionals. 

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of PlanHub.

Advanced Tools

PlanHub has many cloud-based tools to enhance construction project management, recruiting subcontractors, supply chain management, communication, job discovery, and collaboration. Project managers use these tools to monitor progress, document management, and send bid requests. 

Expansive Network

Commercial contractors can take advantage of the impressive community of subs to complete their projects. PlanHub has invested heavily in recruiting some of the best and most qualified subcontractors, offering trade in different construction aspects. 

Efficient Bidding

The project management software has simplified and streamlined the construction bidding process by centralizing all the details. The project management software has a simple design, making it easy for subs to find plan sets and other construction documents they need to submit bids. 

Pricing Plan

PlanHub has two pricing plans - Premier and Enterprise Plans.

The premier plan is priced at $1,199 annually for a 25-mile radius, 1,899 for a 50-mile radius, $2,199 for a 100-mile radius, and $2,999 for a 200-mile radius. 

The enterprise plan builds upon the premier plan, offering more services, like connecting with the countrywide network of professionals. However, the price is tailored based on the team’s size and the tools needed for the project. 


  • An Expansive Network: Perfect for connecting with other professionals across the country to build a strong network within the construction industry.
  • Free for Subcontractors: Subs don’t have to pay for a subscription to use the construction management system. This gives them an upper hand in discovering new opportunities without an upfront investment. 
  • Streamlines Bidding: Subs can bid on projects easily, thanks to a detailed and simplified bid invitation. They can learn about the project from scope summaries without going through all the bid packages. 


  • Limited File Organization: PlanHub has a poor file organization system, making it hard for subs to find specific documents. 
  • Download Issues: Some users have experienced problems downloading project files, which can be exhausting and frustrating. 
  • Mobile App Upgrades: PlanHub needs to upgrade its mobile app to make it easy for stakeholders to access the project information on the go. 

Final Thoughts

iSqFt is a great construction project software, but it lacks in many areas. The three construction software we have analyzed are great iSqFt alternatives, with Downtobid clearly leading the way. The iSqFt alternatives provide more functionality, features, and usability compared to iSqFt, and with major improvements, they could become the leading software in their respective fields. 

Written by Bridget CooperUpdated on Mar 28, 2024

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