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DateJan 24, 2024
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At Downtobid, we're your partner in construction bidding and sending bid invitations. Over the past four years, we've dedicated ourselves to developing sophisticated bidding tools that have been changing the game for General Contractors and specialty subcontractors.

Our expertise doesn't end with tool creation. We've also been actively involved as a bidding agency, successfully crafting competitive bids for a diverse range of over 50 contractors throughout the United States.

This hands-on experience has honed our skills and deepened our understanding of the industry's needs.

Note: Skip the template and let AI handle it for you. Our software leverage AI to analyze project plans, automate the sending of personalized bid invitations to contractors, and offer a central dashboard for tracking all responses. Start today by clicking here.

RFP and IFB Expertise

A well-structured Invitation to Bid is necessary for securing the best projects. We're excited to extend a helping hand. Downtobid offers a complimentary downloadable template for an Invitation to Bid letter, designed to improve your bidding process.

If you want to skip creating and sending bid invitations manually, try Downtobid. Let us automatically generate and send tailor-made templates directly to potential contractors. We are the best AI bid invitation software because we'll analyze your construction plans, dissect it and manage all bid invitations. So you can focus on what you do best.

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Manage Your Bid Invites For Construction Projects Easier With DowntoBid

Downtobid is an AI-powered bid management tool for pre-construction and estimation teams in commercial construction. It helps general contractors by automating the page-turning construction bidding process, identifying all major trades, summarizing scopes, and recommending bid packages tailored to qualified local subcontractors. This reduces scope gaps during preconstruction.

Trade contractors may also benefit by rapidly reviewing numerous opportunities, with AI detecting trade-related scopes and organizing them on a bid board with all the important details. Our tool also provides analytics to assess bid success. Simply put, project management in the preconstruction phase is made a lot easier. Now, let's explore the key features of Downtobid.

Key Features

  • AI Co-Pilot For Preconstruction Teams: Downtobid leverages AI to streamline bid reviews for accuracy and completeness (to avoid costly mistakes), eliminating the manual review of documents for project managers. This efficient AI solution sifts through hundreds of project documents quickly and without additional costs, ensuring that no critical detail is missed.
  • Efficient Subcontractor Matching: The platform's AI also intelligently matches bid packages with suitable subcontractors, saving contractors from the manual task of evaluating bids and preventing scope gaps, streamlining the connection process with appropriate subcontractors.
  • Quick Bid Invitations: Create personalized bid invitations and scope sheets rapidly with Downtobid by simply uploading your plans. The platform personalizes the process, going beyond generic invitations to foster real connections with contractors.

How To Use Downtobid (Step-By-Step) To Improve Your Bid Proposal Process

We'll go over how you can use Downtobid step-by-step. From setting up your account to submitting your first bid invitation, we'll walk you through each phase, to show you what our has to offer to save time.

Begin by clicking here to try it for free.

Step 1: Project Details Upload

You'll be directed to a page where you can upload your project plans and important project details. Look for the upload section, marked with a cloud icon or an upload button.

Input your project plans and let AI handle the the project planning for you.

*Create Project.png

Step 2: AI Analysis & Account Creation

After uploading, the AI starts analyzing your plans. This step takes about 10-30 minutes depending on how complex your project is.

Then you'll receive an email upon completion and to create an account.

Step 3: Examine AI-Generated Bid Packages

Log back into Downtobid to find a detailed list of bid packages created by the AI. You'll see:

  • Descriptive summaries for each bid package.
  • Instances of detected scopes within your plans.
  • A list of recommended subcontractors.

*Scan For Scope.png

Step 4: Invitation Customization

Utilize your subcontractor list or Downtobid's suggestions to customize your invitations, making sure they are directed to the right subs. If you don't know how to ask contractors for bids, don't worry. Our software will create the email for you. Unlike platforms offering generic bid invites, ours customizes invitations with names, project backgrounds, and trade skills from the start.


*Email Template.png

Step 5: Invitation To Bid (ITB) Scheduling

The AI proposes a schedule for sending out your ITBs, including personalized content for a targeted approach. This step aims to maximize your ITBs' effectiveness by choosing optimal times for sending them out.

*Email Template.png

Step 6: Access The Subcontractor Planroom

Subcontractors can access a planroom featuring only the drawings relevant to their work. This user-friendly space is designed for quick and efficient job qualification.


Step 7: Engagement and Intent Tracking

Downtobid doesn't rely on traditional intent buttons; instead, it tracks real interactions for more accurate engagement metrics. The AI evaluates planroom activity and response rates to measure genuine interest. You'll be able to keep track of and manage all the bids received.


Step 8: Seamless Communication

All responses and communications are integrated with your email. This feature ensures you can manage all bid-related conversations directly from your inbox, streamlining the process. This will improve communication because all the necessary information will be in one central place.

Step 9: Monitor and Follow Up

Keep an eye on your dashboard for all the project information on updates on subcontractor engagement and follow up as needed. This continuous monitoring helps maintain the momentum of your bidding process.

Download Our FREE Template

Our Invitation to Bid template is designed to help you present your business professionally and effectively. It's more than just a document; it's a strategic asset that reflects your commitment to quality and professionalism.

Click here to make a copy of our free template today.

Comprehensive Bid Documents Section:

Our free downloadable template for an Invitation to Bid letter is designed with detailed sections, ensuring that every aspect of your bid is presented clearly and professionally.

Definition and Purpose:

An Invitation to Bid is a construction document used by contractors, suppliers, and buyers to invite bids for a particular project. It's also known as a request for quote or a request for quotation.

The document includes a deadline for bid submission and is used to request bids for services, products, or to complete an entire project.

Key Components:

The ITB form invites parties like contractors, suppliers, and buyers to submit a formal bid on a service, product, or property project.

It typically includes details like the price for completing the proposed services, the bidding party's experience, availability, and estimated completion time.

Usage Scenarios:

ITBs are useful when the party seeking the bid has a clear understanding of the scope of work and the process needed to complete it, where price is the determining factor.

They are often used in infrastructure projects and by governmental organizations to ensure a transparent process.

Types of Invitations to Bid:

Here we will go over the different types of construction tendering.

  • Open tenders or advertised tenders, open to all qualified vendors.
  • Restricted tenders or invited tenders, open only to a select group of prequalified vendors.
  • Double envelope system, separating technical and price proposals.
  • Tender box system, using a mailbox to receive bids.

Governmental organizations often have legal obligations to publicly announce tenders.

Negotiating an Invitation to Bid:

There are instances where negotiation with bidders becomes necessary in the Invitation to Bid process. It's important to approach these negotiations with a well-prepared plan. This includes having alternative strategies and maintaining confidentiality by not disclosing details of other bids. Effective negotiation bids can help in fine-tuning the terms and ensuring the best value for both parties involved.

Written by Kevin WuUpdated on Apr 12, 2024

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