Construction Bid Source VS Downtobid’s Bid Board - 2024 Update

Written by Bridget Cooper

DateMay 20, 2024
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Commercial contractors and subcontractors rely on construction bidding websites to find work. They customize their accounts to target construction projects that fit their skills and experience. These construction bidding websites provide project information, such as scope, specifications, and timeline, and allow general contractors and subs to submit electronic bids. However, with new construction bidding sites cropping up everywhere, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a reliable site. 

That’s why we created this guide to review two of the best construction bidding websites. The Construction Bid Source versus Downtobid’s Bid Board compares two of the best in the construction industry to help you choose the one fitting your needs. 

Let’s start with our very own - Downtobid’s Bid Board. 

What is Downtobid’s Bid Board?

Downtobid’s Construction Bid Board is bid management software for subcontractors and material vendors. Subcontractors use it to identify new construction jobs that match their skills and create compelling bids to win the projects. 

We created our software after chatting with countless subs who lamented about other software’s shortcomings. Our software scans your email inbox for bid invites, selects the ones that fit your skills, and creates detailed reports to help you craft winning bids. We will explain how the software works shortly. 

We wanted software that helps subs identify potential jobs without reviewing every bid document. Users can assign tasks, monitor progress, and update construction documents from one platform. 

Key Features

Here are a few reasons why we are among the best construction bidding websites. 

Intelligent Project Matching

Say goodbye to the traditional methods of finding a construction project. Instead, let a powerful algorithm select suitable projects from your inbox. You don’t need to review each bid document or respond to every bid invite. You also don’t need an extensive team to accept and reject bid invites. Our system does all this with minimal input from you. 

The algorithm searches your inbox for bid invites, accepts those that match your skills, and breaks them down into useful information. We even give you the power to customize your job preferences by creating rules. For instance, you could create rules such as project location, size, contractor’s details, or even budget. You can also customize the software to accept and reject bids based on these rules. Imagine receiving hundreds of bid invites that match your experience and expertise. It boosts your chances of winning projects. 

You can also use keywords to find construction jobs. This feature works best when looking for opportunities within construction plans. The software exposes all keywords within the plans and the specific locations in the documents where you can find them. Doing so ensures you never miss opportunities and saves you the time and resources of reviewing lengthy construction plans. 

Streamlines Bidding Process

Construction project bidding is a lengthy and exhausting process. It involves identifying projects, reviewing documents, creating estimates, and crafting a comprehensive bid. With our system already helping to identify new construction projects and reviewing the documents, we could say it cuts the work by half. What once required many people to work long hours now requires one and can take just hours to complete. 

We’re more than a construction bidding website. We help you create winning bids. First, our software breaks down the bid invite to identify the scope and requirements. It then creates detailed reports, such as quantity takeoff, labor, equipment, and overhead requirements you can use to create accurate estimates. 

You can also upload and reuse project templates and construction market data to speed up the bidding process. For instance, a plumber could upload a list of cost items of a specific construction project and reuse this information in other future projects. 

Our centralized platform improves collaboration through features like document management. This way, the team can upload, review, and share documents on one platform, reducing the risks for errors and miscommunication. The centralized approach improves communication and feedback since everyone is working on latest documents. 

Bid Monitoring and Reporting

Sending construction bids isn’t enough to secure contracts. You must monitor them to review their performance. This information helps to improve your bidding strategy. The software has a bid-win ratio showing how your bids perform. You can also see the reasons your bids were rejected, helping you improve on future bids. 

The reports help to track team member performance. This approach ensures your team has only the best people in the construction industry. An efficient team collaborates well, make informed decisions, and create comprehensive construction bids that win projects. 

Now that we know what Downtobid’s Bid Board is, let’s see how it works. 

How to Use Downtobid’s Bid Board

We’ve made our system very straightforward to use. Here are a few detailed steps. 

Click here to sign up for a demo and get started. You can create a free trial account to see how our software works. 

Bid Board Demo

After you sign up and create an account, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard after logging in. We’ve organized it neatly to help you locate everything you need. But first, you must integrate our software to your email inbox. 

Go to ‘Profile Settings’ then ‘Integration.’ Click on ‘Add Account’ and choose ‘Outlook.’ The software redirects to your Outlook email account where you must grant permission. 

A new folder appears under your email ‘Inbox’ section after successful integration, where you can drag and drop bid invites. Another folder, labeled ‘Inbox’, appears on the software dashboard containing bid invites selected by the algorithm. The software filters the bid invites to target only those that match your specific rules, such as location, budget, and timeline.

mail box.jpeg

The software scans every bid invite, reviews it, and creates reports you can download and share with the team. The process takes minutes, and you can review many bid invites to save you time and money when hiring additional help. 

Our software breaks down every bid invite to include details like scope, requirements, and deadlines. The data helps the bidding team create estimates and proposals with a higher chance of winning. The information also reduces errors and miscommunication, especially when quoting the project’s price. 

project details bid board.jpeg

As mentioned, our software allows you to create rules to target specific projects. You can also use our keyword section to find more opportunities. 

The calendar helps you monitor and track bidding deadlines, and can integrate with many calendar apps. The software updates you in advance about the approaching deadlines so you won’t miss out on lucrative opportunities.  

project .jpeg

You can even automatically download the reports in Excel files without manually entering the construction market data. 

Why Downtobid’s Bid Board

At Downtobid, we believe time is precious and should be spent on other crucial bidding stages, such as estimating. Our software handles all the administrative tasks, freeing you more time to create competitive bids. It also saves you the costs of hiring more people to review bid invites. Our platform is straightforward to use with clear instructions. We have outstanding customer and technical support to help you throughout the bidding process. Try our demo account today and turn your bid invites into ready-to-send construction bids in minutes. 

Read another comparison of Building Connected Bid Board vs Downtobid.

Construction Bid Source

Construction Bid Source is one of the best construction bidding websites. It has a vast database of commercial construction projects across the country. You can search for public and private projects from any location in the US. 

Key Features

Here is why Construction Bid Source takes the second spot in a list of the best construction bidding websites. 

Search Functionality

The construction bidding site’s search engine has filters you can use to customize your job search. You could search the project by location, size, budget, or construction companies. Another search option is keyword searching, that allows you to target specific keywords. For instance, you could search for floor, roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc. 

Vast Project Listing

There are no project shortages with Construction Bid Source. The website’s database has thousands of nationwide listings, with more added daily. There’s always work for everyone, making it an ideal option for general contractors barely surviving. The freedom to target construction projects in other areas opens up more opportunities for those looking to expand. It also exposes you to more better paying construction jobs that guarantee higher profit margins. 

Centralized Bidding Platform

You can now create customized bids to win more projects. The construction bidding website has everything you need to create and track bids. You can create filters to target specific construction projects and the construction bidding site summarizes the scope and bidding requirements. The construction professionals, such as engineers and architects use this information to create a construction methodology that convinces the project owner to consider the bid. You can also track and review each bid’s performance to improve your bidding strategy. 

Pricing Plan

Construction Bid Source has a free and paid options. The free option is perfect for smaller projects but you can’t access bid documents or email notifications. The paid plan has three categories - monthly, six months, and annual plans. 

The monthly category is $39.95 and you can access bid documents and contact information. The six-months plan is $270 and you can access bid documents and email notifications, and a 10% discount. The annual plan is $540 and has similar features as the six-months plan. The construction bidding website supports many online payment options, including credit cards.


  • Downloadable bid documents. 
  • Real-time project updates. 
  • Nationwide coverage.


  • Limited free plan. 
  • Costly membership plans. 
  • Higher competition for projects. 
Written by Bridget CooperUpdated on May 23, 2024

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