Top 3 PlanHub Alternatives: Updated 2024

Written by Bridget Cooper

DateMar 28, 2024
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PlanHub is a great construction management software known for its wide network. General contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in the construction industry use it for bid management,  networking, estimation, and organizing project leads. Even with many cloud-based tools to enhance job discovery, PlanHub has some shortcomings. For instance, it has a poor document management process, making it hard for construction teams to collaborate properly. That’s why we decided to review some of the best PlanHub alternatives.

In this guide, we will look at the top three PlanHub alternatives you can try today. We have picked some of the best preconstruction and construction management software as the PlanHub alternatives. We will dive deep into each PlanHub alternative to examine key features, pros, and cons. Doing so will help you choose the right construction project management software for your operation. 

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Downtobid - Best for Preconstruction

Let’s begin with our very own - Downtobid. We modeled this preconstruction software to meet the current preconstruction needs and pain points. After interviewing over 100 general contractors, we learned that many available preconstruction software lacked proper construction document management systems, poor subcontractor selection processes, poorly designed AI, and less effective bid invites. 

We dedicated much time to addressing these problems and created construction bid management software to simplify estimating and create personalized bid invites. Here are some reasons why Downtobid is among the best PlanHub alternatives.

Downtobid Key Features

Our software has amazing features, making us stand out from the competition. They include:

The AI Copilot

Our AI feature has simplified preconstruction processes by handling many administrative tasks. Preconstruction teams don’t have to manually go through the bid packages, which takes time. The software helps review bid packages for accuracy and completeness, which reduces errors and scope gaps. 

The automated scope detection saves the construction team the cost of hiring people to do this manually. The AI is also swift and can review lengthy bid documents within minutes, which comes in handy when a team has a strict deadline to deliver.

Our AI also helps match your bid packages to the right subcontractors. Doing so ensures you only connect and recruit subs who match your skills and experience requirements. Our self-cleaning, AI-powered subcontractor database ensures you narrow your contact to only available and interested subcontractors. 

Creating Ready-to-Send Bid Invites in Minutes

Our software turns your project plans into detailed bid invites in minutes. The process would initially take construction teams weeks to accomplish manually. There were also higher possibilities of errors, especially with many people working on this phase. 

We eliminated these challenges by creating a system that scans the plans to detect potential scopes. 

We take it a bit further by creating personalized bid invites targeting suitable subcontractors. This approach alone has resulted in a 30% response rate from interested subs. 

Subcontractor-Centric Planroom

We have simplified how subcontractors access project information by creating an organized plan room. The approach saves time and ensures the construction team works on the latest plans to boost collaboration and reduce errors. 


The plan room has four specific folders:

  • Plans
  • Specs
  • Photos
  • Misc

Subcontractors are able to navigate the planroom and locate, review, and share necessary documents quickly. They also don’t need to sign up or have an account to access the planroom. Our approach has increased bid participation by ensuring subs can access specific plans related to their trades. Doing so ensures they review relevant documents to determine if they’re the right fit. 

Easy Subcontractor Selection

After creating the bid packages, our AI also matches qualified subcontractors to each scope. The approach reduces the time of mass emailing different subs, hoping to land the right ones. It also ensures general contractors access only the most qualified local subs. Think of it as your one-stop shop for the best subcontractors in the market. 

We allow general contractors to onboard subs they have worked with before. Alternatively, you can also use our directory of pre-vetted commercial contractors. 

How Downtobid Works

Using Downtobid is straightforward. The simplicity of the software makes it easy for everyone to use, even complete beginners. Here’s how our system works. 

Start by clicking here to get started. 

*Create Project.png

Then, upload all the project plans, which should be in PDF format and a maximum of 1GB in size. 

Once uploaded, our AI scans through the plans to assess the scope and complete bid packages. The process takes anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the project’s complexity and size. Our tool leverages AI for comprehensive bid coverage. You’ll receive a notification via email once the process is completed. 

*Project Information.png

You must log in to your dashboard to review the comprehensive list of bid packages created by our AI. The dashboard is also where you can track all your projects. 

Every bid package contains a scope sheet with the following details:

  • A general description of the bid package.
  • Potentially detected scopes within the plans
  • A list of recommended and qualified local subs for each scope detected you can contact. 

*Scan For Scope.png

After selecting your preferred subs, our AI creates an automated bidding schedule to send out ITBs to these subs at the appropriate time.

*Email Template.png

We also customize the emails by including their names and scope summaries to help them determine if they’re a right fit for the project without reviewing all the documents. Our targeted approach increases bid accuracy and upfront subcontractor response rates compared to casting a wide net. 

Our follow-up emails are also effective. We don’t bombard them with emails as the approach has opposite effects. Instead, we space out the emails to 2 to 3 messages, ensuring they have enough time to read and respond to them. 


We have also created a centralized communication system within the platform. You can respond to emails straight from the platform without opening your email app. The threaded emailing helps subs and other stakeholders track emails and other information easily. 

Benefits of Using Downtobid

Downtobid simplifies the preconstruction phase by handling a majority of administrative tasks. Doing so allows the construction team to focus on other complex tasks, like sourcing funds and oversight. Here are a few more benefits of using our tool. 

Auto Scope Detection 

A construction team doesn’t have to spend hours evaluating plans to determine potential scopes. Our construction software can do this in minutes. It also creates brief summaries for each scope to help subs understand the requirements and determine if they’re the right fit.

Personalized Communication

The generalized communication methods don’t cut it anymore. Mass mailing subs have little effect as they receive hundreds of such emails daily. Instead, we personalize all our emails to include their names, project size, scope summary, and why we believe they’re the right fit. 

We also don’t send general emails regarding addenda and scope changes. Instead, we specify which files have been affected to help key players track the changes and make the necessary revisions. 

Targeted Outreach 

Casting a wide net when recruiting new subs yields little results. Instead, we have adopted a targeted approach by matching the project’s requirements with subcontractors with experience in that scope. Doing so helps us narrow the subcontractors’ pool and filter away unqualified ones.

We don’t stop there. Our system creates personalized bid packages to ensure bid participation. We include details like names, scope summary, project complexity, and where we believe their skills would fit better. The approach has a 30% response rate, which is more than many preconstruction platforms. 

Pricing Plans

We have flexible pricing plans to suit different requirements. Our free plan is perfect for simpler and smaller projects. We have premium plans for more complex and larger construction operations. For medium projects, we would recommend the Pro Plan, which is priced at $50 per user and has a dedicated bid coordinator. For larger teams, we would recommend our premium package with unlimited users, priced at $499 annually and with a 50% discount. 


ConstructConnect - Best for In-Depth Project Insight

ConstructConnect is a key player in the construction management software industry and one of the best PlanHub alternatives. It’s known for providing in-depth project insights through the analytic tools that project managers use to make critical decisions. 

Project owners, professional estimators, general contractors, and subs use the construction management software for project management from preconstruction to completion. The integration with Salesforce allows the stakeholders to manage the team and track resources during the construction phase. 

Key Features

ConstructConnect compared to PlanHub has enough project management features to rank among the top alternatives. They include:

Automated Bid Invites

ConstructConnect has automated ITB management, allowing commercial contractors to create bid invites in minutes. The bid packages are detailed to help subs understand the project better and determine if they’re the right fit. The streamlined bidding process also ensures the bidding parties have the same information and are on the right page. 

The simplified bid evaluation process helps general contractors compare bids and select the ones that fulfill the requirements. 

Digital Takeoff Capabilities

Construction stakeholders receive timely and accurate plan scope changes. The project management software includes specific notes to help contractors trace the affected scope sheets. Doing so minimizes errors and miscommunication and boosts collaboration. 

A Large Network of Subs

The construction management software has a large pool of subs to help general contractors create efficient construction teams. The construction software also vets all subs to ensure only active and most qualified subs are available for selection.

Pricing Plans

ConstructConnect has free and paid membership plans. The free plans are suitable for small and simple projects but with several limitations. 

The paid plans are also in different categories. The Bid Management Plan is priced at $3,600 annually and has several features, like limitless access to a nationwide commercial contractor network. The plan is perfect for project management, streamlined project setup, communication, and contact management. 

The other premium plans, +Project Intelligence and +Digital Takeoff, have customizable pricing plans. With the +Project Intelligence, you get features like all bid management functionality. 


  • ProCore Integration: You can transfer your Procore project to ConstructConnect with a few clicks. 
  • Customizable Search: You can filter the search results of the contractors and subs based on their location, specialization, and company name. 
  • Customizable Tracking: Keep track of the workflow by creating a personal or team-based project tracking list. 


  • Limited Pricing Transparency: ConstructConnect doesn’t list its membership plan pricing, and you must contact them for the information. 
  • Limited Free Plan: The free plan is suitable for smaller projects due to its basic functionalities. It cannot manage complex operations. 
  • Challenging User Interface: New users need time to learn how to use the construction management software. Site navigation is the main challenge for many. 


ProCore - Large-Scale Construction Solution

ProCore is best known for providing construction solutions to large-scale projects. The project management platform is super easy to navigate and use and has enough functionalities to suit different operations. It’s also designed to accommodate large construction teams and boost collaboration.

ProCore is famous for features like scheduling, document management, progress tracking, and real-time data updates. 

Key Features

Here are a few ProCore outstanding features:

Construction Reporting and Analytics

Reports are crucial for analysis and decision-making, and Procore excels at this. It collects all the data and information and compiles them into meaningful reports. Construction managers don’t have to collect the data manually but can access the compiled reports on their dashboards. 

Mobile App

Project managers can coordinate teams on the field using mobile apps. The construction team can also review, download, edit, and upload construction documents through their mobile apps. The mobile functionality improves coordination and lets the team leader track progress from a mobile device. 

Document Storage and Sharing

The construction management software has centralized document storage and sharing to allow project teams easy access. The teams can easily track specific documents, ensuring timely communication and updates. The feature comes in handy when there are scope changes, ensuring every member can access the latest documents. 

Check out our list of ProCore alternatives.

Pricing Plans

ProCore doesn’t have a standard pricing plan. However, they charge based on the add-ons and tools a construction team requires. The total price comes down to the number of tools and features you need. The project management platform has no user limitations, making it perfect for larger construction teams. 

The customizable pricing plan allows you to combine features that uniquely suit your project requirements. 


  • All-in-one Solution: ProCore provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance the entire construction project, from bidding to progress tracking and field management. 
  • Unlimited Users: ProCore is perfect for larger construction teams since you don’t have to pay per user. 
  • Outstanding Customer Support: You’re guaranteed continuous assistance through 24/7 technical customer support. 


  • Learning Curve: ProCore’s many features mean users must learn how to use and operate all of them. 
  • Customizable Challenges: Users often experience problems customizing certain features to suit their needs. 
  • Integration Challenges: ProCore users experience challenges integrating certain platforms into the software, most notably accounting. This problem often leads to double entry, which is time-consuming. 

Why Choose PlanHub Alternatives

PlanHub might be among the key players in the construction industry but lacks in certain areas. For instance, PlanHub has a disorganized document management system, making it hard for project teams to track and review documents on time. PlanHub alternatives like Downtbid have an organized planroom where subs can access specific construction documents. 

Limited communication and collaboration are other areas that PlanHub needs to improve. Subcontractors cannot get timely feedback, which affects collaboration and derails the project. Downtobid excels at providing threaded emailing to help teams track specific information. 

PlanHub’s limited searches mean fewer opportunities for commercial subcontractors. For instance, subcontractors have to search for projects exactly as the general contractor has labeled them. PlanHub alternatives like Downtobid help subs automatically find hundreds of opportunities without manually searching for them. 

Final Thoughts

PlanHub is a big name in the field of preconstruction. It has a huge client base who praise its functionalities and simple design. However, PlanHub alternatives like Downtobid offer more services, such as using AI to help detect scopes in plans. Downtobid also helps contractors create personalized bid documents in minutes, making it the best preconstruction software today. 

Written by Bridget CooperUpdated on Apr 12, 2024

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