Top 5 Procore Alternatives For Effective Construction Management

Written by Bridget Cooper

DateMar 10, 2024
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Procore is a popular cloud-based construction management software where construction stakeholders manage different project aspects, like sharing data and documents, which enhances collaboration. However, even with its popularity, Procore doesn’t meet every project’s needs, forcing contractors and project managers to seek alternatives. 

This guide examines the top five Procore alternatives by highlighting what they are, key features, and pros and cons to help you decide why you need them.

Let’s look at some amazing Procore alternatives that can get the work done, are easy to use, and don’t require substantial investments. 

Note: if you are looking for a construction to help streamline the preconstruction phase, try Downtobid. Our tool let's you accurately dissect project plans with AI, create scope plans, send personalized bid invites and monitor activity to gauge subcontractor interest. Try our software for free here.

Procore Alternatives You Should Try

The construction industry is growing, and so are the project management tools. Technology is at the heart of these changes, and that’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best construction project management software to rival Procore. 

These construction project management tools address all the problems that project stakeholders experience during the preconstruction and post-construction phases. We will look at what they’re best for, key features, and pros and cons. 

Downtobid homepage

Downtobid - Best for Preconstruction

Downtobid is a construction bid management software used by pre-construction and estimating teams. The platform utilizes the AI copilot feature, helping commercial and general contractors and subcontractors develop accurate estimates and detailed bid packages. 

As a general contractor, you’re guaranteed comprehensive coverage, where the platform automatically detects all scopes and invites relevant subs to the project. Doing so eliminates scope gaps from missing critical components. The self-cleaning AI-powered subcontractor database ensures you only match to an updated and available pool of subs.

Subcontractors have access to a user-friendly plan room where they can review available plan sets. The AI scans through the plan sets and bid invites to detect scopes that match their trades. If there is a match, the platform adds it to a calendar or bid board, including the key details, like the general contractors and deadlines. 

The AI copilot can detect hundreds of opportunities at once, saving you the time of going through bid documents manually. It’s also very accurate, ensuring all bid documents are complete to enhance the bidding experience. 

Key Features

Downtobid has some amazing features that make it stand out from the competition. Our software can:

Create Bid Invites in Minutes

Our preconstruction software for bid invites eliminates the hustle of going through the plans and designs manually. You just have to upload the plans, and the platform scans them to determine scopes and create detailed bid invites. A clear and detailed bid package triggers increased bid participation and ensures accurate proposals from relevant subs. 

Downtobid also creates personalized bid invites by including the sub’s names and addresses, which triggers engagement and builds trust. Subs receive countless bid invites, many of these emails go unopened, which results in a lower turn-up or some contractors never receiving any quotations. Subcontractors are likelier to respond and engage a contractor that recognizes and appreciates them. 

Centralized Platform

A construction project goes through the pre-construction and post-construction phases. The situation can become messy with many stakeholders involved and many construction documents shared.

Luckily, Downtobid centralizes everything, from bid invites and plan rooms to communication, bidding, tracking, and reporting. The document management system ensures you can access project information at any time.

You can respond to emails from general contractors from the platform without opening your email application. The email thread visualization helps you track all messages, which is handy when searching for specific information. The automated ‘Thank You’ messages serve as a confirmation that the general contractor has received the bid package. The follow-up emails help keep in touch with stakeholders to update them on the progress or to inquire about any information. 

The AI Copilot

At the heart of our software is the AI Copilot. It’s what makes the platform stand out from other project management tools. It eliminates manual page turns that take a lot of time and additional cost of hiring help. The AI also scans through the plans and worksheets to detect scopes and write summaries that provide more project details. 

After detecting scopes, the AI matches the project to the most qualified subcontractors. The feature alone saves you the time and money to identify and contact these subcontractors manually. 

Scope gaps are every project’s nightmare, and the AI copilot eliminates this problem by scanning the bid packages for completeness and accuracy. It does all this in less than an hour. 

Pricing Plans

Downtobid has affordable pricing plans, which is a steal given its accurate scope detection and creation capabilities. There is a free plan suited for small-scale construction projects and a premium plan for larger and more complex projects. 

The pro plan, which includes a bid coordinator on each project, is priced at $50 a user. We offer a plan for unlimited users at $499 annually, with a 50% discount for the first year.

Who is Downtobid Best For?

Downtobid is perfect for commercial general contractors handling large-scale and more complex projects. We can leverage AI-driven bid package identification to detect bid packages within the plans and simplify the proposal procedure. 

Downtobid helps estimators in two ways. First, it provides a comprehensive scope coverage without missing any details. A fully defined scope is crucial to ensure the project plans align with the objectives. It also helps deduce potential challenges and prepare for them in advance. 

Secondly, estimators receive a detailed summary of key trades. With this information, they can detect work units and estimate the required materials, equipment, and labor costs. 

How Downtobid Works 

Now, let’s get to the fun part and discover how Downtobid turns your plans into bid invites in minutes. 

Start by clicking here to get started. 

You will be taken to a project page where you can upload your project plans. The files must not exceed 1GB and should be in PDF format. 

*Create Project.png

The AI scans the plans to detect scopes and create tailored bid packages. The process takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the project’s complexity. You’ll receive an email notification once the process is completed. 

*Scan For Scope.png

Next, you must log in to your Downtobid account to review the newly-created bid packages. You’ll see a summary of each package, detailed scopes, and a list of suggested local subs to invite. 

*Project Information.png

The AI creates personalized bid invites and a bidding schedule based on deadlines. The ITBs contain a quick scope rundown, helping subcontractors determine if they’re a fit without going into much detail. A scope rundown helps to target the right subs since you’ll be receiving bids from qualified bidders. 

*Email Template.png

Downtobid’s planroom is a gift to all subcontractors. Unlike other platforms, we don’t require subcontractors to create accounts to access the drawings. 


Secondly, our automated sheet organization ensures subs access the drawings they need quickly and identify the jobs that match their trades. 

Tracking and responding to emails is easily done through the platform without needing to switch to your email app.


Doing so helps contractors stay in touch throughout the pre-construction phase without missing crucial details and updates.  


Buildertrend - Great for Remodellers and Custom Builders

Buildertrend is a great construction project management software for smaller construction companies engaged in custom building or remodeling. The platform’s interface is simple and organized, streamlining communication and scheduling your projects, ensuring you focus more on building than digging through documents. 

Buildertrend Pricing

Buildertrend has three plans: The Essential plan, which is geared towards beginners, solo contractors, and people new to the project management software, costs $199 per month. 

The Advanced plan is perfect for people experienced with the software, costing $499 monthly. The Advanced plan contains all Essential features and accurate estimate creation capabilities. 

The Complete plan offers control over complex processes, like advanced cost estimating and integration, and costs $799 monthly. It’s perfect for tech-savvy people whose services are required from start to finish. 

Key Features

  • Daily Progress Reports: They help to ensure the project stays on course and meets the objectives. 
  • Easy Online Payments: Clear all the bills and pending expenses online without leaving the platform. 
  • Seamless Financial Tracking: Avoid budget overruns and account for every expense easily without hiring a financial expert. 
  • Proper Document Management: A centralized system helps to keep all construction documents in one place to enhance collaboration and speedy verifications.


  • Integration: The platform integrates well with phone support systems like Planswift.
  • Simple Interface: The system is easy to use, even for complete beginners.
  • Versatility: Buildertrends can handle different tasks and keep the dashboard organized. 
  • Online Monitoring: You can keep up with the project’s progress online and receive feedback on the go. 


  • Data Handing: The program has inadequate filters and experiences problems handling larger data sets. 
  • Poor Accounting Integration: Users often experience challenges with accounting package link-up. 
  • No Autosave: Data loss is more likely due to a lack of autosave to handle daily logs.

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CoConstruct - All-In-One Construction Project Management Tool

CoConstruct is an impressive construction management tool with impressive features like Bills + Purchase order management and tracking job site activity and progress, helping to streamline the entire construction process. However, the platform is more geared toward small projects, like remodeling. 

Payment Plans

CoConstruct has three payment plans - Essentials, Advanced, and Complete. However, they haven’t indicated the prices publicly and require you to contact the sales to get the information. Even so, they have included the features you’ll get in each plan. 

The Essential plan gives you access to features like project scheduling, messaging, lead management, and lead proposals. The plan is perfect for small construction projects like renovations.

The Advanced plan gives you access to all Essential features, including change orders, bills, receipts, and purchase orders. The plan is suitable for contractors looking for fuller financial control. 

The Complete plan is perfect for contractors ready to take on complex tasks like bid selection and RFIs. The plan includes features from essential and advanced plans.

Key Features

  • Simplified Timesheet Management: The feature helps to minimize time theft and enhance transparency during construction. 
  • Track Change Orders + Expenses: Keep your project within the budget by tracking any additional work or expenses that weren’t accounted for before. 
  • Streamline Bidding: Create, compare, store, and send bid invites from the platform. The system notifies the subs through texts, emails, and push notifications. 
  • Quicker Online Payments: Pay all your subs and suppliers online without leaving the platform. You can also track payment records in case of disputes or clarification. 


  • Easy to use as the platform is similar to other construction project management software, allowing you to transition easily.
  • Integration to Quickbooks helps during accounting and cost tracking. 
  • The centralized system ensures everyone has access to construction documents and feedback during construction. 
  • The mobile app provides a seamless interface that enhances site navigation and task management.


  • Customer service takes longer to respond. 
  • The mobile app requires a lot of work to make it fully functional. 
  • The lack of price transparency doesn’t build any trust with potential clients. 


Autodesk Construction Cloud - Best for Advanced Technologies

Autodesk Construction Cloud is a powerful project management software that provides impressive technology to enhance collaboration, accurate data, security, task management, and communication. The construction management software provides a centralized platform where project stakeholders can share real-time data, update progress, and track expenses without needing another platform. 

Autodesk is famous for its BIM integration for those interested in working on 3D models. 

Payment Plans

Autodesk Construction Cloud has two subscription plans - the Bundle Offers and the Pricing By Product plans. The Bundle Offers has three more pricing plans: Virtual Design and Construction, Pre-Constructions, and Construction Operations. Each of these plans has different features, with the Construction Operations having fewer than the other two. 

For instance, all three plans support mobile, but only the Virtual Design and Construction plan supports Design Collaboration. 

Unfortunately, Autodesk hasn’t included the prices on their website and requires contacting them to get the quotation. 

The Pricing by Product plan allows you to purchase each product separately, which helps to save money if you only need that specific tool. Again, the project management tool hasn’t indicated the price on their website. 

Key Features

  • BIM Integration: Autodesk is perfect for those working on 3D projects, as it can integrate with Autodesk Riv and other BIM software. The technology helps to improve collaboration and detect clashes. 
  • Compatibility: Besides having amazing technology, Autodesk is also compatible with other important construction management tools, like Sage 300, Power BI, DocuSign, and SmartSheet. The compatibility allows you to control everything from one platform. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Constant project updates and reports help to monitor the progress and identify potential problems earlier. The reporting and analytics feature helps you receive real-time project data and monitor performance through analytics. 
  • Mobile Apps: Autodesk has mobile apps for Android and iOS users. These apps help you access project documents, monitor progress, send and receive messages, and do other activities similar to using a desktop version. 


  • Autodesk is compatible with many tools to streamline collaboration. 
  • The mobile apps work better than other construction project management software. 
  • Scalability helps to adapt to project needs and sizes. 
  • The real-time visibility ensures everyone can access the latest information and data.


  • The construction software requires a bit of a learning curve to understand.
  • It focuses more on BIM, which doesn’t attract projects that don’t rely on BIM. 
  • The lack of pricing transparency leaves room for many questions. 


SmartBid - Tailored for General Contractors

SmartBid is a construction bid management software with mobile and web-based platforms. The design streamlines the bidding process by providing detailed scopes, document management, facilitating communication, resource management, and real-time data sharing.

The project management tool is made for general contractors of all sizes. It fits contractors working on small projects, like home construction, to those interested in commercial projects. 

One thing that stands out about SmartBid is its ConstructConnect Network Public Plan Room, allowing contractors and subs to bid on public construction projects around the country. The function alone opens up opportunities for contractors looking to expand. 

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Membership Plan

SmartBid pricing varies on the project’s size, key features, and number of users. The project management software allows flexibility in customizing the overall costs by choosing only essential tools and services. 

Key Features

  • Centralized Communication and Document Control: The construction software allows for timely document management and sharing, collaborations & approvals, and distribution & viewing, ensuring everyone has recent information and data. The organized and systemic platform allows different estimators to work on the same project to enhance collaboration. 
  • Streamlined Bid Management: General contractors can view the bidding activities, thanks to the platform’s ability to manage and organize bid project data. The approach facilitates better resource management, as the general contractors would be relying on data to make project decisions. 
  • Seamless Communication: SmartBid provides transparent and timely communication, ensuring the project information flows to contractors and their subs. Open communication fosters collaboration, with teams receiving information and feedback almost instantly. 
  • Integration: SmartBid can integrate with other tools to enhance data sharing and storage, communication, and design qualities. Tools like DropBox, Autodesk BIM 360, and Procore work well with the project management software. 


  • The user-friendly interface enhances the overall experience, requiring almost no experience. 
  • It’s integration with other platforms gives it more functionality. 
  • The mobile platforms are easy to use with all the desktop’s functionality.


  • SmartBid should improve on the reporting functionality. 
  • Limited automation leaves project managers with a lot of tasks to handle.

Why Should You Seek Procore Alternatives?

Although Procore is an impressive construction management software, it has some drawbacks that pose construction challenges. They include:

Program’s Complexity

On the upside, Procore’s many features help general contractors streamline their projects. However, the same features pose a challenge, especially to new users. It takes a while to get used to the program and how to use all the features to manage construction projects.

For instance, these Reddit users complained about the different features and complexity of managing construction projects using Procore. You can tell they wish the system was simpler to use. If you’re like them and have experienced difficulties understanding how to use the platform, you’re probably looking for an alternative. 

Data Synching

Data is crucial to any construction project. It becomes a nightmare when the construction management software fails to synch historical data that you use for decision-making. A good project management system should also integrate with platforms like QuickBooks Online to ease up accounting tasks. However, Procore seems to experience problems synching data with QuickBooks online.

You’ll likely experience problems with data synch, including purchase orders, budgets, and timecards. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, you’re likely to enter the data manually more often when using Procore. 

Total Cost

Procore has invested heavily in the platforms and integrated modules. Each module plays a vital role in the preconstruction phase, but you must purchase them separately. 

Workforce management, financial management, and project execution are some integrated modules that require purchasing if you want to use them in the program. 

Procore doesn’t mention the average price until you fill out the survey. Although it’s a great way of customizing the pricing, some people are uncomfortable exchanging their emails to get basic information as pricing, which should be available publicly. 

There are many reasons why people seek out Procore alternatives, but these are strong enough to get you started. 

Final Thoughts

Procore is a great construction project management software that eases pre-construction tasks. However, it’s considered complex to use, forcing people to seek alternatives. Platforms like Downtobid are becoming popular due to their focus on pre-construction, transparent communication, AI functionalities, and centralized designs that enhance communication, collaboration, and accurate data transmission. 

Written by Bridget CooperUpdated on Mar 10, 2024

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