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DateApr 18, 2024
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Construction management is crucial to the project’s success. Whether it’s bid management, recruiting trade partners like architects and engineers, or tracking the progress, a reliable tool is a must-have. There are three popular construction management software options - Procore, CoConstruct, and Downtobid. 

Each tool offers unique features, and this Procore vs. CoConstruct vs. Downtobid comparison helps you choose the one that ticks many boxes. We’ll examine each tool individually, focusing on its key features, pricing plans, pros, and cons. 

Let’s start by talking about the tool we know best - our own.

Downtobid homepage

Downtobid - Best for Preconstruction

We were inspired to create Downtobid after interviewing over 100 contractors who shared their pain points. From the interviews, we learned that -

  • They spent many hours working on scopes which wasn’t ideal for projects with strict deadlines. 
  • Recruiting qualified and available subcontractors was a nightmare.
  • The generic bid invites weren’t yielding much results.
  • Scope gaps led to poor collaboration, budget overruns, and abandoned projects. 

So, we created the best preconstruction software to solve all these problems. 

We automated comprehensive scope detection within minutes with minimal input from your side. Our system also recommends qualified subcontractors you can contact. You can target subcontractors with personalized bid invites, and our AI helps detect scope gaps earlier to prevent confusion. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into our software's key features. 

Key Features

Our system has amazing features that have caught many people’s attention. They include:

Our AI Copilot

We created our AI Copilot to help contractors with administrative tasks. The technology helps review the construction documents for completeness and accuracy. It detects any scope gaps and ensures you don’t miss important construction details. 

Before our AI, general contractors hired extra help to detect scope gaps and check for errors. The process was lengthy and expensive. Our system does this without incurring extra charges and is quick and accurate, as it takes a few minutes. 

Personalized Bid Invites

Say goodbye to long, boring, and uninspiring generic bid invites. We revolutionized the project bidding process by adding a personal touch to every bid invite. 

Did you know that subcontractors receive hundreds of generic bid invites daily? Most of these emails go unopened because they’re carbon copies and contain similar details. The specialty contractors are also extremely busy on their projects and don’t have the time to review each email. 

We noticed an increase in engagement when we sent personalized bid invites. Specifically, our personalized bid invites has seen users receive an average increase of a 30% response rate from suitable subs. So, how do we do it?

Our bid invites contain attention-grabbing headlines. That’s just to get their attention. We also address them by their names or company names. Now we have them where we want them. Next, and which is the most crucial step, we include important project details, like location, size, deadline, and a scope summary. This move alone helps them understand the project without reading lengthy construction documents. 

You just have to upload your construction plans so our system can scan and detect scope areas. 

Subcontractor Centric Planroom

Planrooms houses critical project details like drawings and designs. Subcontractors use these construction documents to detect their areas of expertise. We have streamlined our Planroom to make it easy for subcontractors to find specific drawings related to their trade. 

We categorize documents into four categories:

  • Plans
  • Specs
  • Photos
  • Misc

The approach gives subs access to specific files without digging through construction documents. It also improves communication, feedback sharing, and collaboration. 

Subcontractors can also access the Planroom for free without creating an account. 

Straightforward Subcontractor Selection

Don’t waste time mass-emailing subcontractors and inviting them to your project. Our system matches the detected scope to qualified local subcontractors you can invite. 

Our AI-powered and multi-verification subcontractor database helps to keep the list fresh. You can also upload your list of subcontractors you have worked with before. 

Our timesheet management gives you full access to employees working hours.

How to Use Downtobid

Our system is one of the easiest to use in the construction industry. Here’s how you can turn your project plans into detailed scopes. 

Click here to get started. 

The first step is uploading the project plans. They must be in PDF format and not more than 1 GB. Next, enter your valid email, and our system will send you notifications.

*Create Project.png

Once you upload the files, our system analyzes them to detect scopes. The time to complete this varies and takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the plan’s complexity and length. You’ll receive an email notifying you once the process is completed. 

You must log in to the dashboard to access the newly created bid packages. 

Every bid package contains the following details:

  • A brief project description of what’s inside the bid packages. 
  • Sections of the plans where the scope was detected. 
  • A recommendation of locally qualified subcontractors matching the skills requirements. 

*Project Information.png

After evaluating every bid package for completeness, you can transition to the next phase - sending bid invites. 

We understand the frustrations of mass emailing and not receiving enough bid participation. That’s why we included the following steps to help out. 

*Scan For Scope.png

Suggested Bidding Schedules

Strategic timing is everything when sending bid invites. As a general contractor, you have a lot on your plate, and split testing the appropriate time to send bid invitations shouldn’t be one of them. We have eliminated the guesswork since our system has data on when subcontractors are active on the platform.

The system auto-schedules to send your bid invites at the opportune time when subs are on the platform. This way, there is a huge chance for them to see the emails and respond. 

*Email Template.png

The bid invites contain crucial project details, like size, location, deadlines, budget, and work units. Candidates can read the email and determine if they fit the project correctly without reviewing the documents. 

We don’t stop there. We auto-schedule follow-ups, reaching out to trade partners who haven’t responded yet. We space the follow-ups to avoid overwhelming subs with emails, which has proven to be less-effective. Our filters let's you label contractors by their


Sub-Centric Planroom

Subcontractors use planrooms to access project information related to their trades. We have indexed and titled everything in the planroom to make it accessible and easy to use. Subcontractors can access specific files without reviewing every document to find what they want, which helps them find new opportunities quickly. 


Pricing Plans

We have free and paid plans. The free plans are ideal for small and simple operations like remodeling projects due to limited functionalities. The paid plans are perfect for larger, complex projects. We have two options under the paid plans. 

The first plan is $50 per user and is perfect for a small construction team. It also includes a bid coordinator to help with the bidding process. 

The second paid plan is $499 annually and offers a 50% discount for the first year. It also supports unlimited users, making it perfect for a larger construction team.


ProCore - Best for Large-Scale Construction Projects

ProCore has been around for years and has proven effective in managing large construction projects. With ProCore, you can handle everything in the construction project, from scheduling tasks and meetings to progress tracking and project status. 

The interface isn’t hard to understand once you spend some time working around it. The features are well-labeled to help users find them. Let’s look at a few more impressive things about ProCore. 

Key Features

ProCore has many impressive features, and here are a few stand-ups. 

Centralized Project Management

ProCore stores all project documents, schedules, and plans on a cloud-based system where team members can access, share, and upload. This approach helps boost collaboration since team members have access to recent information. It also increases transparency and reduces the risk of errors that could lead to undesirable project outcomes. 

Real-Time Data Collection

ProCore has a mobile app where field teams can upload daily reports and input log notes, updates, photos, and other useful project information. The system then syncs this data to the central platform to ensure every stakeholder gets it on time. 

Doing so help managers track project progress and identify errors and mistakes earlier. Real-time data sharing also speeds up the resolution process, allowing certain problems to be solved on-site instead of waiting for overall evaluation. 

Streamlined Communication System

ProCore ensures construction teams stay in touch through features like discussion forums. The forums are crucial for team participation and sharing ideas. Streamlined communication helps with speedy decision-making, ensuring the project remains on course. 

Pricing Plans

ProCore has a customized pricing plan unique to each construction team. You don’t have to pay for data usage or number of users. Instead, they price their plans based on the number of your projects and their sizes. You’ll also pay more based on the number of features you need for the project. 


  • No Data Restriction - You can upload as many construction documents and information as possible.
  • Unlimited Team Members - You can add as many users as possible, which improves collaboration and ensures everyone is on the same page. 
  • Financial Management Tools - The platform’s financial management tool helps you track budgets, expenses, and invoices in one place.


  • Bidding Software Issues - The bidding process is more complex than that of other bid management software. 
  • Complex Financial Tools - Using these tools can confuse new users, especially when many people are using them simultaneously. 
  • Integration Challenges - Sometimes, it’s difficult to integrate ProCore with other tools like QuickBooks leading to double-entry problems. 
  • App Limitations - The mobile app is underdeveloped and lacks certain functionalities accessible through the web interface. 

Check out the top Procore alternatives to find a software that fits your needs.


CoConstruct - All-in-One Construction Management Software

CoConstruct is a fully loaded construction management software perfect for small and simple construction projects. The project management software has features like Bills + Purchase order management, heping to streamline the acquisition process. Project managers can keep track of their employees working hours through timesheet management.

Key Features

Here are some reasons why CoConstruct is a great project management software.

  • Streamline Bidding - CoConstruct offers a simple and straightforward bidding process for maximum participation.
  • Simplified Timesheet Management - Track employees’ attendance and participation and avoid time theft. 
  • Online Payments - You can pay all stakeholders from the platform. Use the invoicing and receipt feature to track all payments. 

Pricing Plans

CoConstruct offers three payment plans - Essentials, Advanced, and Complete. Unfortunately, CoConstruct is not transparent about its pricing, and you must contact them for details. However, the Essential Plan include basic features like lead management and scheduling. The Advanced Plan contains everything in Essential and more like purchase orders and bills. The Complete Plan has everything in Essentials and Advanced. It also has more features like RFIs and bid selection. 


  • Simplified Platform - CoConstruct has a simple interface that’s easy to use, especially if you’ve worked with other construction management software. 
  • Integration - You can now connect CoConstruct with other software like QuickBooks. 
  • Document Management - The centralized design allows the teams access to the latest construction information. 


  • Limited App Functionality - The mobile application feels incomplete and off. 
  • Pricing Plan Transparency - Knowing the cost of using the platform in advance is difficult. 
  • Slow Customer Management - Clients have to wait longer for feedback and updates from customer care. 

Final Thoughts

Procore vs. CoConstruct vs. Downtobid allowed us to compare some of the best construction software on the market. We have seen how each tool performs and why it should be on this list. However, Downtobid is miles ahead of the other two, thanks to its advanced AI technology and a personalized bid invitation approach that encourages bid participation. 

Written by Bridget CooperUpdated on Apr 18, 2024

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