7 Best Subcontractor Bidding Sites for 2024

Written by Bridget Cooper

DateMay 16, 2024
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Securing the right project at a fair price is the basis of success in the construction industry. But there’s one more thing. One thing distinguishes a good enough business from a truly outstanding one: the use of subcontractor bidding sites. 

These platforms are the key to not just competing for available construction jobs but also winning contracts and growing one’s business.

So, what are the top subcontractor bidding websites? This article highlights the seven sites where you can find construction bid opportunities, including Dodge Construction Central and PlanHub.

We’ll highlight their key features and pricing options to help you find the best construction bidding website that aligns with your business needs.

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1 - Downtobid: The Must-Have Bidding Tool for GCs and Subcontractors

We're starting off with the best, as Downtobid deserves special attention due to its unique features and capabilities. This is the only site on our list that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to connect GCs with subcontractors for bidding purposes. 

In essence, it is a useful site for both GCs and subcontractors as it handles bidding from the identification of bid packages to sending personalized ITBs. There is no better way to save time than with Downtobid. 

Key Features

Downtobid’s AI simplifies the bidding process by turning construction plans into bid packages within minutes. This allows GCs to quickly draft and send invite emails to a network of local, qualified subcontractors, ensuring that projects have the best possible bid coverage. 

For subcontractors, this means they get bid invitations that are well within their qualifications, increasing the likelihood of winning the project. 

Another feature is the comprehensive subcontractor database. Downtobid ensures that GCs can find the right subcontractors for their projects.

Whether the subcontractor specializes in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drywall, concrete, or masonry, Downtobid will match you with relevant construction bids in your field. 

Downtobid automatically follows up with subcontractors to ensure prompt responses and increase bid participation, freeing up general contractors to focus on other critical tasks.

Downtobid’s Project Bid Board is a notable feature for subcontractors. It offers them bid-tracking software that automates the sorting and tracking of bid-related emails.

This centralized dashboard improves productivity since subcontractors can manage their bids and communication all in one place.

“I was getting forwarded the same email 5-6 times a day. That happened every time there was an update or a bid date change or an addendum. This Bid Board takes all 5 of those emails, organizes it as the same exact email, and puts it in a nice place for you.”—Jake Whittle, Owner of Niehaus

Subcontractors can enjoy tailored access to online plan rooms to review project documents and propose bids.

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Pricing Options

Downtobid has very transparent pricing. Something that sets it apart from other subcontractor bidding websites. 

The two pricing plans are:

  • Free plan: Allows users to manage two simultaneous projects with unlimited user access.
  • Pro plan: Priced at $50 per user per month, it includes unlimited active projects and the services of a dedicated bid coordinator for each project.

Benefits of Downtobid for Subcontractor Bidding

As a subcontractor, using Downtobid offers you the following benefits:

  • Increased engagement: Personalized, email-based invitations and AI-driven data verification improve response rates and high-quality project matches without requiring subcontractors to create accounts. 
  • Time-saving: The AI features and online plan rooms allow subcontractors to focus more on construction plans of projects which help them respond to and place relevant bids. 
  • Ease of use: The platform’s automated features reduce the manual workload, allowing subcontractors to concentrate on the most critical aspects of their bids. 

Did You Know: Downtobid has facilitated bidding on projects worth over $40 million. This demonstrates its effectiveness and trust within the whole construction services industry.

Win Subcontractor Bids With Downtobid

Let’s agree. Construction bidding is competitive. But with the right subcontractor bidding website, you can secure more bids and grow your business. 

Downtobid is the solution to construction bidding as it caters to both GCs and subcontractors. 

Here is what one contractor had to say: 

“We have used Downtobid for our ITBs and so far our experience has been very positive. It has saved me time on the initial page turn and I really like the number of responses we're starting to see from our subcontractors!” —Robyn Lynn, MRI Builders

Its AI Copilot for preconstruction teams is all you need as a subcontractor since it acts as a digital assistant for placing and managing construction bids. 

Try Downtobid today and win subcontractor bids that perfectly match your expertise. 

2 - Dodge Construction Central

Dodge Construction Central is a platform of the Dodge Construction Network. It has an extensive suite of tools and data solutions that cater to the different needs of the construction industry—subcontractor bidding being one of them. 

Key Features of Dodge Construction Central

Here’s a look at what makes Dodge Construction Central one of the best construction bidding websites:

  • Project discovery: It enables subcontractors to discover projects at every stage, from design to start, through customized dashboards.
  • Personalized newsfeed: Subcontractors receive project recommendations and connection opportunities directly in their personalized newsfeed, keeping them informed and engaged. 
  • Company exposure: By creating a company page on the platform, subcontractors can showcase their qualifications and increase their visibility to decision-makers actively seeking their services. 
  • Estimation and bidding: The platform provides up-to-date product details and direct access to leading manufacturers, aiding in the assembly of accurate estimates and relevant bids. 

Access to new, relevant projects: Subcontractors can get private invitations in their inboxes to bid on construction projects. 

Also, subcontractors can establish profitable connections on Dodge Construction Central by participating in local meets and greets with general contractors. This helps in expanding one’s professional network.

Pricing Options

The exact pricing information is not publicly available on their website.

3 - ConstructionWire (BCI Build Central)

ConstructionWire or BCI Build Central is another top platform designed to connect subcontractors with construction projects.

What sets it apart is its database of projects in various stages of planning and execution, making it a valuable resource for subcontractors looking to bid on construction work.

Key Features of ConstructionWire

Other notable strengths and features of ConstructionWire as a construction bidding website include:

  • Detailed reports on new construction projects, including contact details, location, and value. This helps subcontractors bid on projects that are relevant to them. 
  • Access to profiles of companies. This consists of location and contact information, a list of companies that the company in question has worked with, and insights on past, current, and future projects. (This helps subcontractors learn more about the company they’ll be working with should their construction bid be accepted)
  • Access to key decision-makers (owners, developers, architects, and contractors) involved in new construction projects. This includes their contact details such as name, title, and email addresses. 
  • Accurate, timely, and relevant content: Offers exclusive data on private projects over $500K, verified by phone for accuracy.
  • User-friendly search and organization tools: Features advanced search options and organizational tools like Folders and Tasks/Notes for efficient lead management.
  • Quality customer service: Provides quick online Q&A responses, free weekly training seminars, and direct access to product specialists during business hours.

Pricing Options

Free trial: ConstructionWire offers a 7-day free trial, allowing users to explore the database and its features. During the trial, users receive a daily email featuring a maximum of five projects tailored to their area of interest.

Subscription plans: While specific pricing details are not publicly disclosed, the platform mentions having several pricing models, including a monthly subscription plan.

4 - PlanHub: Designed for the Subcontractor

Having been founded by Kevin Priddy, a GC with over two decades of experience, PlanHub is a construction bidding website designed with a subcontractor focus in mind.

It has tools that streamline the bid management process, project tracking, and communication, ensuring that subcontractors can focus on what they do best: construction.

Key Features of PlanHub

PlanHub is on our list of the best subcontractor bidding sites due to its strengths such as:

  • User-friendly interface: It has an intuitive design which makes navigation and operation straightforward for users. 
  • Large project database: The platform offers a substantial database of projects, allowing subcontractors to find a wide range of bidding opportunities. 
  • Software integrations: PlanHub integrates seamlessly with construction management software such as Build, Raken, eSUB, and Databid. This enhances its utility and efficiency for contractors and subcontractors. 
  • Fair market competition: PlanHub allows subcontractors to submit bids to more than one GC on a project. This enhances one's chances of winning a project at a fair market value. 
  • Industry connections: The platform allows GCs, subcontractors, and suppliers to connect, fostering long-lasting professional relationships. 

Pricing Options

PlanHub offers both free and paid plans to accommodate the different needs of subcontractors. 

The free, limited basic plan includes limited coverage, invitations to bid (ITBs) from GCs or via matches from PlanHub, and access to project planrooms with complete project documentation.

The premier plan is based on the radius of the service area as follows:

  • 25-mile radius: $1,199 per year
  • 50-mile radius: $1,899 per year
  • 100-mile radius: $2,199 per year
  • 200-mile radius: $2,999 per year

With premier plans, subcontractors can choose a plan based on how far they are willing to travel for projects. 

The premier plan includes all features in the basic plan plus unlimited bidding, unlimited planroom access, unlimited downloads of plans and specs, takeoff tool, imported projects, bid calendar, and competitive advantage analytics.

There is also an enterprise plan. Although its price is not listed, it includes all features in the premier plan and offers national reach and access, communication with the entire GC network, and dedicated customer care for teams with 3+ users.

Also, PlanHub provides an ROI Calculator to help subcontractors understand the potential return on investment when using their platform. This is a valuable resource for subcontractors looking to win more bids and grow their business.

5 - Bid Board Pro by BuildingConnected 

BuildingConnected is a comprehensive pre-construction site that connects contractors, subcontractors, and real estate owners. It’s part of the Autodesk family, which ensures its integration with a suite of construction management tools. 

Bid Board Pro by BuildingConnected is an online bid management platform designed to enhance the efficiency and success rate of subcontractors. 

Key Features of Bid Board Pro by BuildingConnected

Here’s an overview of its features, and why it is a top subcontractor bidding site: 

  • Online bid board: Centralizes all bid invitations, allowing subcontractors to see the status of each bid, who is responsible, and the due dates, all in one place.
  • Bid forwarding: Simplifies the process of finding new general contractors (GCs) and submitting proposals with just a click, significantly reducing manual entry.
  • Shared team calendar: Keeps the entire team’s schedule in sync, including due dates and job walks, across all devices.
  • Automated bid tracking: Saves estimators an average of 8 hours per week by automating bid management tasks.
  • Group and assign bids: Organizes bids from different GCs and assigns them to the appropriate team member, preventing double work.
  • Tasks and reminders: Helps manage project files and deadlines during each stage of the bidding process.
  • GC contact management: Offers insights to increase the chances of winning bids and tracks win rates to focus efforts on the most promising bids.
  • Security and permissions: Ensures data security with encrypted and monitored databases, along with internal user permissions to control access to sensitive information.

Pricing Options

Bid Board Pro by Building Connected has both free and paid options. The free option helps you get discovered by GCs and offers an individual bid board. However, you don’t have access to the premium features we highlighted in the previous section. 

The exact pricing for the premium plan is not mentioned on BuildingConnected’s website. But it is based on your office size and usage. You need to reach out to their sales team for a demo and pricing information. 

6 - ConstructConnect

Our list of the best bidding sites for subcontractors can’t be complete without ConstructConnect. It streamlines the bidding process for subcontractors and stands out as a comprehensive preconstruction platform. 

Key Features of ConstructConnect

A subcontractor using ConstructConnect for bidding enjoys the following features and benefits:

  • Access to tailored project leads that align with their business capabilities. This is thanks to the ConstructConnect Project Intelligence tool that enables users to find relevant public and private commercial construction projects to bid on. 
  • Centralized bid board (ConstructConnect Bid Center) that simplifies bidding and project management. Subcontractors can manage their bids and track new opportunities in one place.
  • Enhanced visibility and networking with GCs, architects, and owners due to its integration with the ConstructConnect Bid Center. This increased visibility can lead to more opportunities and stronger business relationships.
  • Accurate estimation when bidding since it has digital takeoff and estimating products like Planswift®, On-Screen Takeoff™, QuickBid®, and QuoteSoft®. This helps subcontractors place more competitive proposals and a higher chance of winning bids. 

Pricing Options

ConstructConnect offers a range of pricing options that meet the diverse needs of subcontractors and construction professionals such as: 


  • Price: $129/month and you can save 10% on the annual purchase.
  • Features: Access to bidding projects in your market, one license and one market coverage, contact information for all projects, a digital bid board to organize your pipeline, and daily project leads delivered to your email. 


  • Price: $179/month and it’s billed annually. 
  • Features: All starter features plus full access to bidding documents, bidder & planholder information, planning projects, and export capabilities. 

Pro + Takeoff

  • Price: Contact ConstructConnect for a quote
  • Features: Includes all project intelligence features, plus fast, accurate takeoff software, customizable takeoff, and extra features like auto-count, multi-condition, and overlay. 

Read our full comparison of Downtobid, ConstructConnect and Building Connected.

7- Construction Bid Source

Established in 1992, the Construction Bid Source is an excellent choice for contractors and subcontractors seeking a reliable and efficient construction bidding site. 

It allows subcontractors to search for local, state, regional, and federal bids. They also offer software to track bids. You can read our comparison or Construction Bid Source and Downtobid's bid board here.

Key Features of Construction Bid Source

The notable features of Construction Bid Source that help in the easy sourcing and management of construction bids include: 

  • Nationwide projects: With a focus on the United States, Construction Bid Source publishes various projects based on location. This helps subcontractors find bidding opportunities close to home or expand their operations across the different states. 
  • User-friendly interface: It has straightforward navigation, enabling you to filter projects by date of publishing and project type, making it simpler to pinpoint opportunities that align with your expertise. 
  • DBE solicitations: It assists contractors in posting Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) solicitations. This enhances inclusivity and diversity within the construction industry. 

Pricing Options

You can opt for a free basic membership, which allows you to search for projects, advertise your company, and receive email alerts about bids. The premium plan gives you enhanced access to daily projects to bid on, contact information of project owners, and bid documents. 

Here is a breakdown of the straightforward membership plans of the Construction Bid Source:

Free Membership:

  • Price: $0
  • Terms: No obligation, cancel at any time.
  • Features: Access to advanced search and trade advertising, DBE/HUB outreach ads at $25 per ad, and project owner contact info.

Monthly Membership:

  • Price: $49.95 per month
  • Terms: No obligation, cancel at any time.
  • Features: Includes all the benefits of the Free Membership with the addition of access to bid documents, and daily project opportunities sent straight to your email. 

Six-Month Membership:

  • Price: $270 for six months (10% off the monthly price)
  • Terms: Non-cancellable, non-refundable.
  • Features: Same as Monthly Membership, but with a commitment for six months.

Annual Membership:

  • Price: $540 per year (10% off the monthly price)
  • Terms: Non-cancellable, non-refundable.
  • Features: Same as Monthly Membership, but with a commitment for a full year. 
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